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Salvador Dalí

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Enterteining stay full of revolutions, excentric things and a 100 % surrealist of the Spanish painter of Figueras with his creative confusion in search of being unique, as it is every corner of our room, enjoy entering a magic world full of color, imagination and mainly of matchless comforts.

Salvador Dalí Biography

Spanish painter. Salvador Philip Jacinto Dalí was born in Figueras's Catalan locality, Spain, on May 11, 1904; he died in Barcelona, Spain, on January 23, 1989.

Since he was young he showed his talent for the drawing, his father sent him to Madrid to study in the School of San Fernando's Fine arts, but he was expelled some years later. In Madrid he lived in the Students' famous Residence, where he met the filmmaker Luis Buñuel and the great poet Federico García Lorca.

In his first works he follows a naturalistic and meticulous line, with a strange sensation of unreality, which was his particularity; an example of this style is " Girl in the window ".

In 1928, he travelled to Paris and he joined the surrealistic movement; there he met Gala, who would be his companion and model the whole life. In that surrealistic time he collaborated with Luis Buñuel in two famous movies An Andalusian dog (1928) and The golden age (1930), and painted some his biggest paintings: " The persistence of the memory " and " The great masturbator".


Suite Salvador Dalí

Suite Salvador Dalí